Electrolux Professional TD6-7 Dryer

Main Features

  • The insulating glass door does not heat up from the outside, which eliminates the risk of burning hands;
  • The door is at a comfortable height. It simplifies loading and unloading laundry;
  • The horizontal filter compartment provides easy access to the filter;
  • The front of the machine and the drum are made of stainless steel;
  • Fast electric heating from 3 kW, short drying cycle;
  • Microprocessor control, liquid crystal display;
  • Seven laundry drying programs;
  • The indicator on the display of time before the end of the program, malfunctions, number of executed cycles;
  • Audible alarm;
  • Ability to work continuously during the working day;
  • Moisture Balance accurately measures moisture levels throughout the drying process;
  • Adaptive Fan technology automatically changes fan speed to save electricity and reduce drying time to ensure even drying;
  • Loading: 7 kg;
  • Heating power: 6 kW;
  • Drum volume: 135 l.


The drying process is an integral part of any laundry. Industrial dryers allow you to dry clothes, linen, or terry towels in a reasonably short time, with good quality indicators, thanks to the cooling at the end of the drying cycle.

Repetitive tasks such as starting cycles and loading and unloading machines require significant physical effort and can lead to worker fatigue and ultimately lower productivity. Therefore, when designing the new 6000 Series machines, the manufacturer focused on convenience and intuitive interaction between the user and the equipment. In this range, Electrolux Professional TD6-7 Tumble Dryers are in great demand.

Thanks to special disinfection programs, this professional laundry equipment guarantees the sanitization and bacteriological safety of linen and helps reduce the risk of infections.