Electrolux Professional Washer W5180H

Drum Volume (Litres) 180
Loading Capacity (1:10) 18kg
Loading Capacity (1:9) 20kg/45lbs
Door Diameter (mm) 435
Spin Speed (RPM) 1055
G Factor 450
Heating Power (kW) 18
Electric Supply (Volts) 415
Recommended Fuse (Amps) 35
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 1426x970x947
Net Weight (kg) 354


Electrolux W5180H 20kg Commercial Washing Machine is a high spin, free standing machine with a drum capacity of 180 litres and a maximum dry load weight capacity of 20kg. Available in manual OPL, Electrolux Coin Operated or fitted with the Nayax cashless payment system. As with all Electrolux laundry equipment ease of installation, maintenance and operation have been carefully considered, designed and engineered.


The industrial build quality of the machine will ensure years of reliable trouble-free operation in the most demanding laundry environments. This Electrolux laundry machine features in the Electrolux Lagoon Wet Cleaning Advanced Care System range due to the flexibility of the Compass Pro control giving the user professional features, infinite control and dedicated wash programs when used with the Laundry Program Manager software. For customers that require even greater flexibilty you can choose the Electrolux W4180H equipped with the Generation 4000 Clarus control and comes supplied as standard with a stainless steel front panel and extra soap outputs.