Electrolux T9 Dryer


Drum volume (Litres): 190
Heating Options: Gas/Electric
Reversing Action: Standard
Stainless Steel drum: Standard
Vent Outlet (mm): 150
Size HxWxD (mm): 1465x795x815
Net weight (kg): 170


Compact Power: Primus T9 Industrial Dryer
The Primus T9 is a compact industrial dryer with grand performances. Despite its compact size, the dryer offers a significant drum capacity of 9 kg and is standardly equipped with a durable stainless steel drum. Unique to the Primus T9 is the RADAX concept, which allows a combination of radial and axial air flow in the drum. This ensures maximum heat transfer to the linen, making the drying process both short and energy-efficient. Moreover, the large door opening facilitates the loading and unloading of laundry. Heating is possible via a gas burner or electric resistance, depending on your preferences and availability