Miele PW 6161 Professional washer

Filling weight 16 kg
heated electrical heated
spinning revs 1150 Rotation per minute infinitely programmable
power 17 KW



The Miele PW 6161 is a washing machine designed for professional use. It is built with reliable and durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

This washing machine offers a range of advanced features and functions that cater to various laundry needs. With its high spin speed, the Miele PW 6161 efficiently removes excess water from the laundry, resulting in shorter drying times.

The machine also features multiple programs and wash options, allowing for customization based on fabric type and level of soiling. Equipped with a large drum capacity, the Miele PW 6161 can accommodate a significant amount of laundry in a single load. This is particularly beneficial for establishments that require frequent and large-volume washing.